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New Version of vlsi-world.com
We are happy to announce that we are going to publish new version of www.vlsi-world.com

New version

----> Will be more user friendly
----> Will run on new content management system
----> More colorful so that it will be more legible
----> New server which runs faster

When?  Very Soon!

After that day there will be new contributers will start writing articles along with me. If you wanna join, let us know


idea1.jpgWe are working on new version of www.vlsi-world.com to give new look and to provide new features to the users. Already many users provided their help by updating company list, university list and few articles.

During redesign we are going to utilize some new server technologies such as web2.0. After this work vlsi-world.com will have new interface with more features. We would like to have ideas from you to complete redesign work sucessfully. Some questions are mentioned here,

1.  What you are missing in this site?
2.  Or what you want to see in this site?
3.  Do you have some articles/tutorials related to VLSI(analog/digital) techidea.jpg
4.  Do you have some time to spend with us?
5.  Can you spend some time to make some FAQ on any subject related to VLSI?
6.  Do you have anything else which you want to tell us?

Do you have answer for any of these questions? Please write us in this contact form . Please do not forget to give correct e-mail ID.

Help us to help our own VLSI community!!

Vlsi-world team

VLSI CommunityVLSI-WORLD.com! is a growing VLSI community. The numbers of contents and visitors are increased considerably since last few months. This site will provide comprehensive information about VLSI field. The goal is to help student and engineers in EDA industry. Support us to help you.

Are you interested to make this site more interesting and useful for you and others?  To get started please Click here.
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